Moving and Living in Riddle City, Douglas County, OR

Riddle City is a small town with few people and amenities. It doesn’t offer many scenic views or recreational activities, but it is near larger cities with both. Therefore, it is an ideal city for people who want to have a low-key kind of life.

Living in Riddle City

Riddle provides residents with a suburban rural mix vibe. In addition, the majority of residents own their homes. Moreover, Riddle is home to many seniors, and its citizens are known for their conservatism.

Benefits of Moving to Riddle City

  • You’ll live in a simple and small town with few people away from the pollution and noise of bigger cities.
  • The cost of living here is lower, having only an 82 cost of living index than the US average of 100.
  • It has many nearby excellent restaurants with positive reviews.


Riddle has a 2021 population of 1,243 people. Its population has increased by 4.89 % since the most recent census, which reported 1,185 in 2010. It is currently growing at a pace of 0.89 % each year. Moreover, Riddle’s population peaked at 1,243 people now in 2021. Additionally, Riddle has a population density of 1,976 persons per square mile, spanning over 1 mile.

Real Estate

According to, as of May 2021, the median listing price of houses in Riddle is $245,000, trending up 4.3% each year. At the same time, the median listing price per square foot here is $180. Additionally, the current median sale price here is $255,000.

Moreover, there are currently 12 houses for sale here that you could check out, ranging from $49,000 to $1.2M.


Riddle City is under the Riddle School District. This district has two schools which are Riddle Elementary School and Riddle High SchoolRiddle Elementary School is rated about average, while Riddle High School is rated below average by


Since Riddle is only a small city, its job market is not thriving like other cities. However, the average salary here is $39,615, and the average household income is $43,654.


You could take your whole family for a walk or a picnic in the humble Riddle City Center Park Gazebo. It is a simple park with few picnic tables, a bench, and a wooden gazebo in the center. 

Moreover, if you want to have a family outing and go swimming, take a 12-minute little road trip from the city to Myrtle Creek’s South Umpqua Memorial Pool. It features a 25-meter pool with a depth from 3ft – 12ft. Besides that, they also have friendly staff and family slides that your whole family will surely enjoy. 

Famous Restaurants

Have a little night out in Old Sportsman Pub. They feature casual dining with Oregon Lottery and attached Tavern. They serve all your favorite American foods and homemade pies and desserts. Overall, It is a great place to wind up and have fun.

Moreover, The Henhouse Cafe and Lounge is another local’s favorite restaurant. They serve home-style cooked American food that will surely make you feel at home. Additionally, they have a very welcoming ambiance and excellent service.

Furthermore, Riddle City offers a calm place to settle down and live. If that’s what you’re looking for, then this city is ideal for you.

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