Moving and Living in Yoncalla City, OR

Yoncalla City is a small valley also known as Yoncalla Valley. It was known for many years as the home of the Applegate brothers. Moreover, the valley and town took the name after Mount Yoncalla, a large, bald mountain to the northwest that Native Americans knew as Yoncalla Oregon, the Eagles’ Home.

Living in Yoncalla City

Living in Yoncalla offers a suburban rural mix. Although it’s just a tiny town with few people, it has a lot to offer. You’ll enjoy the number of bars here and different dining options.

Benefits of Moving to Yoncalla City

  • Yoncalla has a low cost of living with 80.5 compared to the US average of 100.
  • It embodies all of the advantages of small-town living.
  • You’ll be a part of a close-knit and active community that supports the local government to facilitate change and improvement of the town.
  • You will have a supportive local government focused on the town’s growth.
  •  It will be a perfect place for retirement for you since many retirees live in Yoncalla, and residents tend to be conservative. Besides, many retirement homes near the town you could choose, like Auntie Angel’s Adult Foster Home.


Yoncalla is expanding at a rate of 1.08 % each year. The population has grown by 6.97 % since the 2010 census, which reported a population of 1,047. Moreover, Yoncalla’s population peaked at 1,120 people now in 2021. Besides that, Yoncalla has a population density of 1,674 persons per square mile, spanning over 1 mile.

Real Estate

Yoncalla City consists of 28 neighborhoods. There are 11 active homes for sale here, ranging from $75,000 to $2.3 million. Besides that, Yoncalla has three affordable bedroom listings that you can check out at the moment at

Moreover, according to, as of May 2021, the median listing price of homes in Yoncalla is $229,500. Besides that, the town has a median sale price of $239,000 with a $164 median listing price per square foot. So, perhaps it is trending down -6.5 year-over-year.


Yoncalla is a part of Yoncalla District 32 Public Schools. The district comprises two schools: the Yoncalla Elementary School and Yoncalla High School/ Middle School.


Since Yoncalla City is just a small town, its economy has seen much lesser growth than other larger towns in the state. Unfortunately, it has a 7.3% unemployment rate which is a bit higher than the US average of 6%.

Moreover, the average income of a Yoncalla resident is $20,579 a year. Perhaps, the median household income here is $31,768 a year.


As mentioned earlier, Yoncalla has a very active community. As a result, the town offers you many spotlight events and recreational activities every year. One example of which is the Yoncalla Summer Festival. It features food, entertainment, fireworks, a parade, kids’ event, rodeo, arts, and craft.

Besides that, they also have 30 miles to amateur speedway, summer baseball weekend tournament, Yoncalla Community Park, and numerous nearby vineyards. You could also go fishing, kayak, or camping in the nearby Umpqua River. The river ran throughout Douglas County and was known for its calm and beautiful ambiance providing an excellent place for different water sport activities.

Famous Restaurants

Furthermore, Yoncalla also features excellent restaurants. One of the Yoncalla pride is the Yoncalla Deli. It has been serving the Yoncalla residents great food since 1988. They have your favorite American comfort food from burgers, sandwiches, fries to ice creams, and other sweet treats.

Moreover, if you like coffee, Yoncalla also got you covered. Main Street Espresso is the local’s favorite coffee shop and bakery in town. They serve great coffee and baked goods, and the staff here are all friendly. Besides that, you should also try and visit the Ranch Restaurant. They serve home cooking-style meals at reasonable prices. Besides great food, their customer service is also outstanding. Therefore, don’t miss it out!

Yoncalla is indeed a great small town full of lively and friendly people. So if you want to live in a low-key and small-town life with still lots of excitement and activities, this place is for you.






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