Moving and Living to Myrtle Creek City, OR

Myrtle Creek City is known for its forest, which became its most significant wealth since its foundation. Also, it is the home for the Myrtle Creek Golf Course and two covered bridges: the Myrtle Creek Covered Bridge and Neal Lane Covered Bridge.

Living in Myrtle Creek City

Living in Myrtle Creek City gives a dense suburban feeling. Yet, it is a small town that relies so much on locally owned businesses. Most of the residents here are homeowners and are conservatives.

Benefits of Moving to Myrtle Creek City

  • The cost of living here is lower, with an 83.3 index than the US average index of 100.
  • You’ll be a part of a close and friendly community.
  • Although it’s just a small town, it has a decent amount of parks, schools, a pool, and other recreational facilities.
  • The city offers different employment opportunities and business assistance for its residents.


Myrtle Creek is growing at a rate of 0.60 % each year. The population has increased by 2.50 % since the 2010 census, which reported a population of 3,439 people. In 2021, Myrtle Creek’s population peaked at 3,525 people. Perhaps, Myrtle Creek has a population density of 1,408 persons per square mile, spanning over 3 miles.

Real Estate

According to, as of May 2021, Myrtle Creek is a balanced market. It means that the supply and demand of houses here are about the same. Moreover, there are currently 11 homes for sale here, ranging from $35,000 to $1.5M that you could check out.

Furthermore, the median list price of houses in Myrtle Creek is $239,000, trending up 20.3% year over year. Perhaps, the median sale price here is $239,500 with a $206 median listing price per square foot.


Myrtle Creek is under the South Umpqua School District. This district comprises five schools:


As mentioned earlier, the municipality of Myrtle Creek is offering job employment opportunities and business assistance. Currently, there is a job opening in the Life Guard position on their website. For more information, visit the city’s official website here.


Myrtle Creek has four fantastic parks covering 28 acres that you could visit. These parks are Creekside Park, Evergreen Park, Maggie Steinbaugh Park, and Millsite Park. Moreover, these parks offer a variety of activities and facilities.

The bandshell, swimming poolskatepark, tennis courts, basketball court, and other recreational sites are part of the Myrtle Creek park system. Every year, the city’s park system hosts many community activities that provide safe recreational opportunities for children and families.

Employees and volunteers from the town take great pride in helping others by providing high-quality parks and programs.

 Famous Restaurants

Aside from beautiful parks, Myrtle Creek also has excellent restaurants. Lety’s Pupusas is on top of them. It’s the local’s favorite place for their Mexican food cravings.

Moreover, Tommy’s All American Burgers is the other restaurant that you should not miss trying. Try their favorite fry sauce and other good burgers and local favorites.

Overall, Myrtle Creek is a small and tranquil town ideal for the elderly, students interested in agriculture, and old families who want to settle away from the busy environment of bigger cities.





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