Moving and Living in Elkton City, OR

7 August 2021

Elkton City is known as the Jewel of Umpqua and acclaimed as the “Bass Capital of Oregon.”. This forested town is home to prized wineries and a variety of outdoor activities. Here in Elkton, butterflies dazzle tourists at the vast botanical garden; history enthusiasts come to Fort Umpqua, and oenophiles can find hidden-gem wineries in the Elkton AVA.

Living in Elkton City

Elkton is a small, historic town located in Oregon’s coastal highlands, overlooking the magnificent Umpqua River. Living in Elkton gives the benefits of a small town with fantastic sceneries while still providing the luxury of bigger cities.

Benefits of Moving to Elkton City

  • You’ll live in a calm and clean place filled with beautiful recreational sites and friendly people.
  • It has a great small-town feel but with all the benefits that come with a larger city.
  • The cost of the living index here is lower than the US average of 100, with only 88.6.
  • It has a fair amount of local restaurants that you should try.


Elkton is expanding at a pace of 0.50% each year. Its population has grown by 3.08% since the 2010 census, which reported a population of 195. Moreover, Elkton had its peak population now in 2021 of 201 with a population density of 875 persons per square mile.

Real Estate

According to, as of May 2021, the median listing price of houses in Elkton is $349,000. Perhaps, the median listing price per square foot here is $247.

Moreover, there are currently five homes for sale here that you can check out, ranging from $99,000 to $1.5M.


Elkton City is under the Elkton School District. The school district has two schools which are the Elkton Grade School and Elkton High School.


The economy of Elkton is not doing well than other bigger cities, but it has seen positive growth throughout the years. The median salary here is $41,250, and the average household income is $38,036. It’s not much compared to other towns, but it is improving each year.


Elkton is a one-of-a-kind and breathtakingly beautiful city. The city takes pride in its unequaled attractions, renowned smallmouth bass fishing, and diverse neighborhood treasures in their own right, from the legendary Umpqua River to the Butterfly Pavilion. Discover the Jewel of the Umpqua’s various outdoor leisure opportunities and breathtaking beauty.

Take your family out on a picnic in Alfred S. Tyson Park. Perhaps, have a little getaway with your partner and visit the town’s outstanding wineries like Brandborg Vineyard and Winery and Bradley Vineyards.

Famous Restaurants

Tomaselli’s Pastry Mill & Café is one of Elkon’s pride when it comes to quality foods. They have been serving fantastic food and homemade bakery goods in the city since 1981. By now, you could say that this restaurant has engraved its own to the local’s hearts.

If you want to try other cuisines, El Guerrero Azteca got you! It is a Mexican restaurant in the city that you must try. They serve your favorite Mexican food in good quality at reasonable prices and portions.

Moreover, Elkton is undoubtedly a beautiful city with great potential. If you want to live in a small town with few people but still want to have outdoor leisure and the benefits of living in a large city, this town is perfect for you!





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