Moving and Living to Canyonville City, OR

7 August 2021

Canyonville City is known for being a historic community in the canyon above Canyon Creek. It is the home of Pioneer- Indian Museum operated by the South Umpqua Historical Society. Moreover, Canyonville has a rich story and tradition that the residents value and continue to preserve.

Living in Canyonville City

Living in Canyonville City gives a dense suburban feeling. Besides, it combines the benefits of small-town living with easy access to a wide range of outdoor recreation and excitement.

Benefits of Moving to Canyonville City

  • The cost of the living index here is lower, with 80.3 than the US average index of 100.
  • It is a small city with an amazingly peaceful ambiance with friendly residents.
  • You’ll be close to nature more than ever since forests, creeks, and rivers surround it.

It is an ideal retirement place, according to Retirement Places Report.


Canyonville is the 124th largest city in Oregon and the 7643rd largest city in the United States, with 1,997 in 2020. Moreover, Canyonville is expanding at a pace of 0.81% each year. Its population has risen by 6% from the 2010 census, which reported 1,884 people. Perhaps, Its population peaked at 2,034 people in 2016. Furthermore, Canyonville has a population density of 1,811 people per square mile, spanning over 1 mile.

Real Estate

According to, as of May 2021, Canyonville City is a buyer’s market. It implies that the supply of homes here is greater than the demand for homes. Perhaps, there are 24 homes that you could check out here, ranging from $69,000 to $2M.

Moreover, the median listing price of homes here is $175,000, trending up 84.3% year-over-year. The median sale price here is $283,500 with a $150 median home listing price per square foot.


Canyonville City is also a part of the South Umpqua School District. So, perhaps, the nearest school from the district that the city has is the Canyonville Elementary School. Other schools are also available in the town, but they are private institutions.


Canyonville government is also offering employment opportunities to its residents. You can check their job openings and further information about them on their official website.


There are many recreational activities in the city that you could try. First off, visit the Pioneer-Indian Museum. The museum showcases the history of Southern Oregon’s Native American tribes and exciting pioneering heritage. It offers several buildings with displays and exhibits that highlight the history of the South Douglas County area. This encompasses the events from the days of the Indians through the coming of the pioneers to a land of forests, streams, and rivers.

You could also make a stop at Pioneer Park, which is the hometown Park. It features safe child play areas and comfortable picnicking areas. Perhaps, you could also camp with your family in Charles V. Stanton County Park and Campground. The park could serve as your home base as you explore the Umpqua National Forest and Southern Oregon.

Famous Restaurant

Stop by launch at Ken’s Sidewalk Café. It is the local’s favorite burger restaurant that serves all your American comfort food the old-fashioned way.

Moreover, you could also bring your family to Papa Morgan’s Family Restaurant. It is a family-friendly restaurant with great food and service that you won’t regret visiting.

Furthermore, if you love nature and the luxury of big cities, Canyonville is for you!





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