Moving and Living in Glide City, OR

7 August 2021

Glide City is known for being the home of the Colliding Rivers Viewpoint. This fantastic viewpoint showcases where North Umpqua and Little River meet. It is where the North Umpqua River’s deep waters funnel into a water chute and collide head-on with the sparkling Little River’s rapids.

Living in Glide City

Living in Glide City provides residents a suburban rural mix vibe. The residents are primarily homeowners and are conservatives. Besides that, many young professionals live and glide, and the public schools here are above average.

Benefits of Moving to Glide City


Glide has a 2020 and current population of 1,366 people. Its population had decreased by -23.90% since the 2010 census when there were 1,795 people. Moreover, Glide had its most significant population of 2,083 people in 2013.

Real Estate

According to, as of May 2021, Glide City is a buyer’s market. It means that the supply of houses is greater than the demand for homes. Moreover, there are 16 homes for sale here, ranging from $33,000 to $2.2M, that you can check out.

Furthermore, the median list price of homes in Glide City is $319,600, unchanged from the previous years. $197 is the median listing price per square foot here. And the median price of the houses sold is $305,000.


Glide City is under the Glide School District, which has three schools. rated Glide School District Schools as above-average public schools. Perhaps, these schools are Glide Elementary SchoolGlide Middle School, and Glide High School.


Moreover, Glide also offers many job opportunities, especially for agriculture. For example, you could apply to Umpqua National Forest job positions if you have specialties with plants, fishes, and wildlife. Perhaps, you could also check the employment opportunities offered by the Glide School District if you have a passion for teaching.


You could go fishing or swim in Glide’s best recreational site – Colliding Water Park. It was once a favorite American fishing hole. Plus, the warm waters of the Little River mix with the cold waters of the North Umpqua River create more than comfortable swimming conditions. It is a place that the whole family can enjoy.

Moreover, if you want to hike instead, you can follow the North Umpqua National Recreation Trail. For the majority of its 79 miles, the path begins at Glide, Oregon, and follows the North Umpqua River eastward. The trail links with the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail near Maidu Lake and goes high into the Cascade Mountain Range.

Famous Restaurant

Aside from its scenic nature, excellent restaurants also surround Glide. First on the list is The Atom Bistro and Coffee Bar. It is a small coffee shop in town that provides a great menu, service, and beverages. A review from one of their customers even says that they have a “Starbucks quality coffee.”

Besides that, 138 Grill is a restaurant that you should not also miss trying in Glide. It is a family-style restaurant that serves excellent food at reasonable prices and large portions. Therefore, make sure not to miss them out.

Moreover, Glide City is a tranquil and safe place for most people. It is filled with great scenery, but nightlife and shopping areas are limited here. If you wouldn’t mind traveling a few minutes to nearby cities to shop and want a place close to nature, this place is for you!







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#6 Moving and Living to Canyonville City, OR


Canyonville City is known for being a historic community in the canyon above Canyon Creek. It is the home of Pioneer- Indian Museum operated by the South Umpqua Historical Society. Moreover, Canyonville has a rich story and tradition that the residents value and continue to preserve.


Living in Canyonville City

Living in Canyonville City gives a dense suburban feeling. Besides, it combines the benefits of small-town living with easy access to a wide range of outdoor recreation and excitement.


Benefits of Moving to Canyonville City

  • The cost of the living indexhere is lower, with 80.3 than the US average index of 100.
  • It is a small city with an amazingly peaceful ambiance with friendly residents.
  • You’ll be close to naturemore than ever since forests, creeks, and rivers surround it.

It is an ideal retirement place, according to Retirement Places Report.



Canyonville is the 124th largest city in Oregon and the 7643rd largest city in the United States, with 1,997 in 2020. Moreover, Canyonville is expanding at a pace of 0.81% each year. Its population has risen by 6% from the 2010 census, which reported 1,884 people. Perhaps, Its population peaked at 2,034 people in 2016. Furthermore, Canyonville has a population density of 1,811 people per square mile, spanning over 1 mile.

Real Estate

According to, as of May 2021, Canyonville City is a buyer’s market. It implies that the supply of homes here is greater than the demand for homes. Perhaps, there are 24 homes that you could check out here, ranging from $69,000 to $2M.

Moreover, the median listing price of homes here is $175,000, trending up 84.3% year-over-year. The median sale price here is $283,500 with a $150 median home listing price per square foot.


Canyonville City is also a part of the South Umpqua School District. So, perhaps, the nearest school from the district that the city has is the Canyonville Elementary School. Other schools are also available in the town, but they are private institutions.


The Canyonville government is also offering employment opportunities to its residents. You can check their job openings and further information about them on their official website.


There are many recreational activities in the city that you could try. First off, visit the Pioneer-Indian Museum. The museum showcases the history of Southern Oregon’s Native American tribes and exciting pioneering heritage. It offers several buildings with displays and exhibits that highlight the history of the South Douglas County area. This encompasses the events from the days of the Indians through the coming of the pioneers to a land of forests, streams, and rivers.

You could also make a stop at Pioneer Park, which is the hometown Park. It features safe child play areas and comfortable picnicking areas. Perhaps, you could also camp with your family in Charles V. Stanton County Park and Campground. The park could serve as your home base as you explore the Umpqua National Forest and Southern Oregon.

Famous Restaurant

Stop by launch at Ken’s Sidewalk Café. It is the local’s favorite burger restaurant that serves all your American comfort food the old-fashioned way.

Moreover, you could also bring your family to Papa Morgan’s Family Restaurant. It is a family-friendly restaurant with great food and service that you won’t regret visiting.

Furthermore, if you love nature and the luxury of big cities, Canyonville is for you!






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#6 Moving and Living to Myrtle Creek City, OR


Myrtle Creek City is known for its forest, which became its most significant wealth since its foundation. Also, it is the home for the Myrtle Creek Golf Course and two covered bridges: the Myrtle Creek Covered Bridge and Neal Lane Covered Bridge.


Living in Myrtle Creek City

Living in Myrtle Creek City gives a dense suburban feeling. Yet, it is a small town that relies so much on locally owned businesses. Most of the residents here are homeowners and are conservatives.


Benefits of Moving to Myrtle Creek City

  • The cost of livinghere is lower, with an 83.3 index than the US average index of 100.
  • You’ll be a part of a close and friendly community.
  • Although it’s just a small town, it has a decent amount of parks, schools, a pool, and other recreational facilities.
  • The city offers different employment opportunitiesand business assistance for its residents.



Myrtle Creek is growing at a rate of 0.60 % each year. The population has increased by 2.50 % since the 2010 census, which reported a population of 3,439 people. In 2021, Myrtle Creek’s population peaked at 3,525 people. Perhaps, Myrtle Creek has a population density of 1,408 persons per square mile, spanning over 3 miles.


Real Estate

According to, as of May 2021, Myrtle Creek is a balanced market. It means that the supply and demand of houses here are about the same. Moreover, there are currently 11 homes for sale here, ranging from $35,000 to $1.5M that you could check out.


Furthermore, the median list price of houses in Myrtle Creek is $239,000, trending up 20.3% year over year. Perhaps, the median sale price here is $239,500 with a $206 median listing price per square foot.



Myrtle Creek is under the South Umpqua School District. This district comprises five schools:



As mentioned earlier, the municipality of Myrtle Creek is offering job employment opportunities and business assistance. Currently, there is a job opening in the Life Guard position on their website. For more information, visit the city’s official website here.


Myrtle Creek has four fantastic parks covering 28 acres that you could visit. These parks are Creekside Park, Evergreen Park, Maggie Steinbaugh Park, and Millsite Park. Moreover, these parks offer a variety of activities and facilities.


The bandshell, swimming poolskatepark, tennis courts, basketball court, and other recreational sites are part of the Myrtle Creek park system. Every year, the city’s park system hosts many community activities that provide safe recreational opportunities for children and families.

Employees and volunteers from the town take great pride in helping others by providing high-quality parks and programs.


Famous Restaurants

Aside from beautiful parks, Myrtle Creek also has excellent restaurants. Lety’s Pupusas is on top of them. It’s the local’s favorite place for their Mexican food cravings.


Moreover, Tommy’s All American Burgers is the other restaurant that you should not miss trying. Try their favorite fry sauce and other good burgers and local favorites.


Overall, Myrtle Creek is a small and tranquil town ideal for the elderly, students interested in agriculture, and old families who want to settle away from the busy environment of bigger cities.






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#5Moving and Living in Green City, Douglas County, OR


Green City was known as the most affordable city in Oregon. In addition, SmartAsset ranked Green City as the number one cheapest place to live in Oregon in its 2019 Most Affordable Places in America research. According to them, Green has seeing growth in its housing market and business market, and this city is a great place to live.


Living in Green City

As to its nearby cities, living in Green City also offers suburban and rural feelings. The majority of residents here are homeowners and are conservative. In addition, it is an excellent place for families since public schools here are above average.


Benefits of Moving to Green City

  • The cost of livingin Green City is relatively lower than in other cities, with an 80.1 cost of living index.
  • It has a calm and friendly neighborhood away from the bustling noise of bigger cities.
  • You can find dozens of grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, and other great amenities here.
  • It ranked 30th in Best Places to Buy a House in Oregon on Niche.



According to United States Census Bureau, as of 2019, Green City has a total population of 7,985. The majority of this population is white, then followed by Hispanic and other races. Besides that, the median age here is 41 years old.


Real Estate

According to, as of May 2021, Green City has a balanced market. It implies that the supply and demand of houses are about the same in this area. Moreover, there are currently 34 homes for sale here that you can check out, ranging from $52,000 to $2.5M.


In addition, there are currently two rentals, with a range of $1,300 to $1,800, that you could also check out. Furthermore, the median home listing price here is $250,000. Perhaps, the median sale price is $245,000 with a $163 median listing price per square foot.



Green City has three excellent public schools. Those schools are Sunnyslope Elementary School, Green Elementary School, and Sutherlin High School.



The economy of Green City is not doing so well as its neighboring cities. As a result, residents of this town are lower-middle earners. NeighborhoodScout’s research revealed that this area has an income lower than 61.7% of U.S. neighborhoods.


Moreover, 29,1% of the working population of this city is working in sales and service jobs. On the other hand, 27.4% are employed in manufacturing and laborer jobs, and 22.6% are working in professional occupations. At the same time, the additional 20% are working in clerical, assistant, and tech support.


Green City has a perfect location near to different recreational sites and parks. For example, you could do fishing, kayak, and other water sport in the South Umpqua River. Besides that, you could also visit the Wild Safari animal park just 12 minutes away from the town to Winston City.


Famous Restaurants

Green City may not be blessed with many recreational sites, but it is filled with excellent restaurants. Sushi & Rolls is one of them. It is a family-owned restaurant that serves your Japanese cuisine cravings like sushi, sashimi, and teriyaki. Besides that, Green City also has fast-food restaurants like Arby’s and Taco Bell that you could go and grab a quick bite.


Moreover, Green City is ideal for individuals and families who want to live a laid-back life away from loud and big cities. If that is the life you want, then this place is for you.





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